At the same time as the establishment of the company, the expansion of projects and the shortage of internist in the field of commissioning, the senior managers of the organization had to create a unit under the name of management of Professional Training in order to achieve the following organizational goals:

• Providing training courses in order to empower experts forces in OICO projects

• Providing specialized training courses for the employer newly recruited personnel to gain the necessary requirements to lead the refineries.ا

To manage its mission, this management consists of three sub-sets of knowledge:

• Professional training

• R & D

• Knowledge management

Professional training, research and development management in line with the company's major strategy, focuses its mission on three areas of professional training, R & D and knowledge management, in the following order:

1. The training of the specialist forces required by the company's projects, with the aim of eliminating the restrictions on the acquisition of specialist personnel in the country, and the provision of specialized expertise required by employers in the field of refinery managementا

2. Establishing the necessary infrastructure for research activities in the areas of operation, service delivery and business model

3. Reducing operational costs of projects as well as converting knowledge into value through the implementation of knowledge-based management

The training of the forces needed for the oil, gas and petrochemical industries requires the use of the most advanced training methods, the professional training management from the outset mapped out the methodology of the leading oil companies in this field and has taken action according to the domestic needs, to optimize the methods. In addition, the training process in the company has been implemented on the basis of common ISO 10015 and ISO 29990 standards for the needs assessment, design, implementation and evaluation of the effectiveness of the courses.

• Designing and organizing training courses for newcomers

• Designing and organizing training courses (safety, general, specialized) for oil industry employees based on Competency Model. In this model, the training required by the employees of the organization is determined by identifying the occupations and competencies required to perform the tasks, as well as evaluating the employees employed in each occupation and determining the gap between occupation and occupational merit. The most effective method in the advanced industries for recruiting, determining salaries, wages and performance rewards, career path and upgrading the performance of employees is using the Competence Model.

• Designing and conducting English language training courses for oil and gas

• Designing and conducting general and specialized training courses for safety

• Designing and conducting specialized courses based on employers' requests

• Coordination of vendor training

• Providing instructors with specialized experience in each area

• The possibility of collaborating with international accredited training centers by providing valid certificates

• Ability to use academic instructors based on the existing memoranda

• Designing training courses for 610 newly recruited personnel in South Pars Phases 9 & 10 – Employer: POGC

• Designing and implementing of training courses for 120 newly recruited personnel in NGL SIRRI refinery – Employer: IOOC

• Designing and implementing of Safety (General and Specialized) training courses for 370 personnel working in the Maintenance Dept. in the 5th Refinery of Asalouyeh – Employer: SPGC

• Designing and implementing of Passive defense and safety training courses for 270 employees working in the Mechanical Maintenance Dept. in Parsian Refinery- Employer: NIGC

• Designing and implementing of training courses for 650 newly recruited personnel in OICO Commissioning and Operation projects since its establishment

OICO Certifications have been validated in several ways:

• The multiplicity of recruited and in-service recruited courses with high-effects on OICO’s personnel performance which are designed and implemented on the basis of benchmarked methodologies from reputable international companies

• Obtaining approval for implemented courses from employers

• Existing academic memorandums

• Obtaining a representation permission from ISIS Italyا

• Ranked sixth in the MAKE World Ranking Award (Top Knowledge Organization) among 50 elected Iranian companies

• Silver Knowledge Management Award at the 8th National Knowledge Management Congress

• A letter of appreciation from the Energy Pars Special Economic Zone for the recruitment and training of local staff in Assalouyeh

• Acknowledgment from the institutions and organizations in charge of employment in the South Pars region to recruit and train the local forces in Assalouyeh

• Achieving the most significant place in the establishment of knowledge-based management by MAKE Global Prize in 2017

• Acknowledgment from Energy Pars Special Economic Zone Organization for the establishment of standardized systems