In the next five years OICO will be: Developed and Pioneer 

In the field of commissioning, start-up, operation & maintenance and training in Iranian oil, gas and petrochemical industry with an effective presence in international market. 

OICO is established and organized to: 

Delivering commissioning, start-up, operation & maintenance and training services to clients through consulting, engineering, procurement, management, monitoring, control and execution in petroleum industry by developed human resources and state-of-the-art technologies.

OICO business strategy is DIFFERENTIATION. It means OICO will concentrate all its resources to deliver differentiated services to its clients. 

Translating the vision to more detailed phenomena means: 

Establishing sustainable financial Resources

Effective appearance in market and make the clients satisfied

Excellence in project execution and management, business development and         R&D 

Effective leadership, management and organizing

Knowledge based human resource development

Organizational infrastructure development (systems, technologies and         knowledge) 

Physical assets symmetrical development

The technical complexity of the new hydrocarbon installations is on the increase, as displayed by all recent large projects where sophisticated data, control, and safety systems prevail. Moreover, the higher efficiency, reliability, and safety expected from the new plants, as well as the aggressive environments in which they are often built, those surrounding the offshore platforms and especially the deep offshore facilities, challenge the design and construction teams as never before. Consequently, a number of techniques have been developed during the past years to overcome the problems that these demanding conditions create, among which the tools are required to conduct a project through its completion phases. 

To cover this specific aspect of project completion activities, OICO, based on French TOTAL know-how and experiences, uses the OPERCOM™ methodology and ICAPS® (Integrated Commissioning And Progress System) a dedicated tool used to organize and follow through Pre-commissioning and Commissioning activities. 

OICO is licensed by TOTAL to use OPERCOME™ and ICAPS® through its projects. Moreover, OICO according to its and other companies’ experiences, developed exhaustive start-up and performance test procedures and methods to get the plants on stream.