Recognition and Introduction ceremony of OICO Company's Chairman of the Board has been held

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Mr. Shams stated OICO Co. as a substantial asset for the whole country which should proceed towards its competitive advantages.

According to Public Relations, OIEC Group CEO at the beginning of recognition and Introduction ceremony held at Monday evening, August 15th with the presence of CEO, Board of directors, headquarter and portfolio managers of Oil Industries Commissioning and Operations Co. (OICO), expressed that holding company has to be decisively pursued as it is one of the most important organizational strategies; He added: “All subsidiary companies must move under the shadow of corporate governance.”

Mr. Shams, CEO of OIEC Group also noted: “Stockholders and Employers expect the OIEC Group to act as an economic enterprise and avoid any action that might set the group apart from this position; To implement this task, it is necessary to alter the current governing view over the organization.”

The importance of developing a strategy and determining the future position, accuracy in choosing project and avoiding hasty and unexamined projects, upholding the national perspective in obtaining projects, taking into account the changes in the economic and political conditions and its impact on the business market, and paying attention to training agile human capital consistent with contracting environment was amongst other subjects emphasizes by the CEO of OIEC Group.

He lastly enumerated Mr. Araghi as a high position individual in oil industry and considered changing as prerequisite of evolution. Whilst introducing Dr. Bayat Tork, he expressed hope that his presence as the new helmsman at OICO Co. would be successful.

Mr. Araghi also pointed to OICO Co. situation and projects in hand when he entered this group and explained actions taken during the recent period to continue activity of this company based on a realistic view, whishing success for new chairman of board of directors. 

Dr. Bayat tork also recognized OICO as a deep-rooted and powerful company in oil industry and stated: “Trust built around OICO Co.’s brand and reputation should never get ruined.” He then acknowledged OICO Co.’s efficient and specialist human resources as an asset with utmost worth in this organization and considered knowledge management as one of the necessary measures in such organizations.

The ceremony concluded with presenting appointment decree to Dr. Bayat tork as well as certification of appreciation along with a memorial gift to Mr. Araghi.