Hamid Reza Araghi is appointed as the Chairman of the Board of OICO Company

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In the presence of Dr. Manouchehri and OICO’s Board members, Mr. H. R. Araghi appointed as chairman of this board.

In the presence of Dr. Manouchehri and OICO’s Board members, Mr. H. R. Araghi appointed as chairman of this board.

 In a meeting on Saturday (Feb. 23, 2019) with Dr. Manouchehri and OICO’s Board members, H. R. Araghi appointed as chairman of this board.

According to OICO’s PR and at the beginning of the ceremony, Dr. Manouchehri pointed to the presence of OICO in some major projects such as PGSCR, South Pars’ Phases 20/21 and North Azadegan OilField and said: "Given such background and to keep the company promoted, this should be focused”.

DR. Manouchehri said that assigning projects to private companies is emphasized by the oil ministry that in turn provides opportunities for OICO Company in commissioning and operation.

OIEC Group’s CEO specified that issues like: determination of workflows, financial discipline, proper recruitment/training systems, suitable organizational chart, project cost control, wages & legalities monitoring and topics related to Transaction Commission’s Regulations, are important and should be taken into consideration by all companies of the group.

He also highlighted the financial self-reliance, the vast activities and expert manpower as OICO’s most important characteristics and emphasized that tomorrow's forecast and forward-looking perspectives should be benchmarked on the basis of existing challenges.

 Dr. Manouchehri ended talks praising Mr. Araghi’s appointment as the chairman of OICO’s board and expressed his hopes by giving attention to his very good record in nationwide oil/ gas industries and said: Mr. Araghi may definitely be worthy for OICO and even the group by his full marks in the company and its projects.

Moving on the ceremony, the board members welcomed the new chairman expressing their individual expertise and described company’s activities and the board’s duties/authorities and finished by wishing success for Mr. Araghi’s new post and the company.

At the end, Mr. Araghi being pleased to be posted in OIEC Group, said: "certainly and definitely the board has various responsibilities and plays a highly decisive role in achieving the goals of the organization”. Also, in addition to its special function to exchange with external interactions, the board section may be weighed in company's operatives’ topics as a companion and a major policy maker.

He also stressed the board’s monitoring role on corporate performance and rated it as an important task.

Araghi emphasized on the importance of sustaining growth and added: maintaining the growth factor and/or its promotion is a complete strategic topic that should now be notified by the OICO more than ever.

Worth mentioning that prior to this, Mr. Araghi served 5 years as the oil minister, deputy and CEO of the National Iranian Gas Company.