OICO at a Glance

The changing nature of oil, gas and petrochemical industries and the added complexities of new projects, compel Iranian companies to upgrade their capabilities and acquire new and systematic approaches to ensure the successful implementation of their projects.

The new demanding project environments, necessitate adaptation of new approaches in management, construction, pre-commissioning and commissioning aspects of oil, gas and petrochemical projects. Oil Industries’ Commissioning and Operation Company (OICO) is incorporated to manage and execute commissioning and start-up, operation, maintenance and training courses for oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

OICO was established in 2011 as a private joint stock company in Tehran, Iran.

The company is a wholly owned by and is a subsidiary of “Oil Industries Engineering and
Construction” (OIEC) group. Prior to establishment of OICO, OIEC executed commissioning and start-up activities in the South Pars gas field development phases 9 & 10 through its own commissioning department.

Due to the expansion of OIEC’s projects and higher demand for commissioning and start-up services, OIEC made a strategic decision to establish a subsidiary in the field of commissioning and operation. This new company was named “OICO”.

“OICO’s outlook is to become one of the leading oil and gas companies in the field of pre-commissioning and commissioning in the region, relying on a custom-made methodology”

The unique and human resource intensive nature of OICO’s business necessitates special attention and considerable investment in the area of training and human resources development. In order to maintain its leadership in the market, OICO has invested extensively in developing and maintaining a qualified and skillful resource pool.

Relying on such resource pool, OICO is fully capable of leading construction and procurement efforts as well as executing pre-commissioning, commissioning, start-up and performance test of oil, gas and petrochemical projects up to the client hand-over.