CEO Message

Over a century is gone since the discovery of oil in Iran. The huge resources of oil and gas has always attracted the insatiable greed of the foreigners to the auriferous territory of Iran. Insufficient maturity in the exploitation and conversion of such non-renewable resources into resources for sustainable development has created problems; however, undeniably, these valuable resources of energy have always been the driving force behind the economic development and growth and consequently the country's power in fields of science, technology, culture, politics and military.

The development of oil, gas, refining and petrochemical industry has always played an important role in the all-round development of the country and this pivotal role continues into future for many years. Recognizing this role, the managers and the elites have placed additional emphasis on self-reliance in oil industry through the past years so as to achieve a higher added value and accelerate the development of Islamic Iran.

Fortunately, round the clock efforts of local dedicated experts have resulted in domestic capabilities of designing and manufacturing facilities in oil industry which has also led to self-reliance in this industry. One of the most important steps in projects of oil, gas & petrochemical industry is the services of Commissioning. Commissioning in fact blows the spirit of life into noteworthy projects which took quite a long time to be executed.

Motivation, enthusiasm and the knowledge of Iranian dedicated experts have paved the way for OICO to bring mega projects in oil and gas to the stage of production which in turn benefits the whole country. To fulfil its commitment, OICO does not put down any effort to make all oil and gas projects alive.

In addition, by relying on the valuable experience gained from the Commissioning of mega projects in oil and gas, OICO is taking a further step toward Operation and Maintenance of such mega projects in its near future plans.

Mehrdad Davoodi